Vox have been manufacturing amplifiers in Dartford since 1957. Vox amplifiers defined the sound of the 60's as Vox were closely associated with The Beatles, a union which still exists today as Paul McCartney retains his Hand Wired AC30 Heads in his present back line. View All Information

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Vox kicked off its line of guitar amplifiers back in 1957. It took only a few years for the AC15 and AC30 to become instant legends, defining the sound of the British invasion for the UK and the world. Innitially used by bands that defined the 60’s such as The Who, The Kinks and The Yardbirds, Vox products were later used by Brain May, Rory Gallagher, The Edge and many more influential guitarists.

Vox are most notably known for their amplifiers. The AC30 and AC15 gained huge popularity in the mid-sixties when they became highly popular within the British Rock scene with bands such as The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, favoring the 'Top Boost' circuitry that defined the movement's sound. To this day Vox amps remain relevant with recently launched products such as the Vox Valvetronix leading the way for Vox in a digital age.

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