DISC Ibanez WD7JR Weeping Demon Junior Wah Pedal with FREE Cable

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  • Ibanez Affordable Wah Pedal
  • Auto Off Delay Control
  • Maintenance-Free Optical Sensor
  • Includes FREE Jack Cable

DISC Ibanez WD7JR Weeping Demon Junior Wah Pedal with FREE Cable


Weeping Demon Junior is a more affordable version of Ibanez's WD7 pedal, the WD7JR presents a high quality wah-wah pedal at a great price.

Order this pedal now and receive a FREE 6m jack - jack cable!

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The Weeping Demon Junior activates with minimal pedal pressure. Auto Off Delay control allows you to delay the end of wah-wah effect after your foot leaves the pedal, for smooth transition and phrasing.

Features a maintenance-free optical sensor-no need to worry about producing unwanted noise from the volume pot. Also includes Level control for volume adjustment.

WD7JR Auto-Off Delay

Adjusts the time delay from when the pedal is returned until the effect switches off. Turning this clockwise will increase the time delay, preventing the effect from turning off while you are operating the pedal. Turning this counterclockwise will make the effect turn off more quickly, so that it will turn off immediately when you return the pedal.


  • Power supply: 9V battery (S-006P) or AC109, AC309, AC509 (Not Included)

  • Current consumption: 36mA maximum

  • Dimensions: 257(D) × 107(W) × 115(H)

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